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Henry Engineering Debuts Talent Pod II

It’s an update to its sports announcer’s console

Henry Engineering is now shipping an updated version of its popular Talent Pod sports announcer’s console.

The Talent Pod II appears identical to the original version but includes two significant improvements.

It now uses active electronic mic on/off switching for silent and reliable control of the announcer’s mic. Henry says there is no noise or “pops” when turning the mic on or off, or when using the “cough” button to momentarily mute the mic. Additionally, mic audio switching is silent even when using powered condenser microphones.

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The second enhancement is that the Mic output can now be at either Line or Mic level.

“This allows Talent Pod II to be used with a codec that doesn’t have a professional Mic input, or to add an additional mic channel to an existing mixer,” Henry states. “The Mic output is balanced with ample headroom to prevent clipping or distortion. Mic gain is adjustable via a trimpot on the rear of the unit.”

Henry Engineering’s Talent Pod II, shown with retractable desk stand.

Henry says these upgrades make Talent Pod II more versatile as a sports announcer’s mic and headphone controller, as well as a convenient mini-console for studio use.

A new retractable desk stand, shown in the photo above, can also be used with Talent Pod II as well as Sports Pod. This design tilts the unit up for ease of use and folds flat for safe transport and storage.