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IDC Cites Growth for Its Cloud Platform

System allows broadcasters to transfer distribution from satellite to terrestrial IP/internet

Diagram showing the MISTiQ cloud-based service as a distribution channel in lieu of satellite

International Datacasting Corp. said it is seeing uptake for its MISTiQ managed cloud platform for internet-based distribution.

IDC, part of Novra Technologies Inc., said it recently received orders from two major Canadian radio broadcasters. “Both orders underscore the growing industry trend towards cloud-based infrastructure,” IDC said in its announcement.

MISTiQ allows broadcasters to transfer content distribution from traditional satellite networks to terrestrial IP/internet. “Satellite technology is ideal for large point-to-multipoint distribution networks, but broadcasters more and more are looking to leverage the reach of internet to offer signal redundancy or even replace satellite distribution altogether,” IDC said.

It said a major Canadian sports network adopted MISTiQ after a three-month field test to succeed a satellite that is at the end of its operational life. “Another major Canadian commercial broadcast network recently adopted MISTiQ to migrate a key satellite contribution link — from remote studio to uplinking facility — to cloud-based connection and is exploring expansion to include more links.” It did not identify the users.

IDC works with Anexia, a provider of geo-redundant cloud hosting in North America. MISTiQ is offered as a managed service or as a platform that users can manage. It is also available as a “white label” alternative for other providers.

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