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Magnum Media Installs 24 Chameleons

Will use C-Level from Angry Audio as a pre-processor

From our Who’s Buying What page: Magnum Media has purchased 24 Angry Audio Chameleon C-Level audio processors.

“These are audio levelers/audio pre-processors that will be placed ahead of the audio processors at all of our stations,” said Group Director of Engineering Chris Tarr. The purchase was placed through dealer Broadcasters General Store.He highlighted the processor for “the drama and detail that it pulled out of the music. We now have an even bigger presence on the dial while reducing listener fatigue. With the demise of the Ariane and Compellor products, there has been a need for some sort of replacement. … With Cornelius Gould’s algorithm and Michael Dosch’s design, it does a great job of keeping your audio in a ‘sweet spot’ for feeding STLs or processors.”

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