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New Codec Kid on the Block

Q&A with Ferncast founder Detlef Wiese

Ferncast, Detlef WieseFerncast will be a new name to many. It is a Germany-based codec developer founded by a name that might be familiar to some, Detlef Wiese, the founder of Mayah Communications. Weise provides information on the company and inaugural products.

Radio World: What is fernBerrie?

Detlef Wiese: The fernBerrie is the smallest professional audio codec with front panel controls in the market and it supports all industry standards. This includes RTP and SIP transmission with any codec algorithm. It is powerful enough to handle all conventional bitrates.

RW: Who owns the company, and who designs its products?

Wiese: The two owners of Ferncast GmbH are Detlef Wiese, CEO and Hauke Krüger, CTO. The products are designed by Hauke Krüger’s developers team.

RW: Tell us about the new codec.

Wiese:The fernBerie combines small size with high performance. It is a real milestone in professional audio transmission.

RW: What sets this apart from other codecs in the market?

Ferncast, fernBerrieWiese: The fernberrie is the most affordable two+-channel solution in an exceptionally small package.

RW: Who is using the codec ?

Wiese: The fernBerrie offers a good combination of features capable of handling various applications such as radio stations, studios, voice-over.

Radios stations will find the fernBerrie Radio version ideal for OTT streaming. Studios can use the FernBerrie Studio for exchanging audio production. Voice over artists can deliver their voice to studios with fernBerrie Voice.

RW: What else should we know ?

Wiese: The fernBerrie is powered by aixtream software, which offers many features and an intuitive UI. Aixtream is a scalable and customizable along with being constantly improved by our developer team to ensure the highest quality audio transmission performance.

[By Detlef Wiese: “RT to Close by End of 2020”]