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Rohde & Schwarz Enhances THR9

Liquid-cooled transmitter handles FM and HD Radio applications

Rohde & Schwarz, transmitter, HD Radio, digital radio transmitter, THR9Claiming it to be the “first totally liquid-cooled transmitter for FM and HD Radio applications,” the Rohde & Schwarz says that the latest version of its THR9 transmitter features liquid cooling for the unit’s transistors as well as for its entire power amplifier stage, including power supplies, coupling units and absorbers.

According to the company, THR9 is designed for permanent operation at 45° C/113° F at full output power. At 40 kW output power only 1 kW of heat is dissipated into the environment, so air conditioning requirements are minimal.

The system runs on architecture that is independent of Microsoft Windows for all HD Radio entities including its Importer, Exporter and Exgine. Thus, adds Rohde & Schwarz, users are not dependent on the availability of security patches for MS Windows for reliable efficient operation.

For HD Radio applications, the R&S THR9 features a new HD Sync functionality, which provides automatic alignment of the HD Radio Diversity Delay between the analog and digital signals of a radio station.

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Developed by Rohde & Schwarz, HD Sync eliminates unwanted blending artifacts that can degrade the listening experience and prevent recurring and extensive time alignment procedures for station engineers.

HD Sync for Exporter ensures full compliance to the HD Radio time alignment specifications.

The R&S THR9 also works in unison with the R&S RelayCaster solution, which enables the use of public internet connections for the STL of HD Radio transmitters thus eliminating the need for dedicated IP links to feed I2E or E2X streams.