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NAB Sneak Peek: StreamGuys Turns Back Time

SGrewind offers DVR-like recording feature

Streaming technology developer StreamGuys has a new trick up their sleeve for the company’s SGrecast suite of streaming service tools — SGrewind.

SGrewind automatically builds a rolling window of replayable content, giving radio broadcast stream listeners DVR-like abilities to rewind, pause, or restart a live stream from the beginning of a program.

For broadcasters and other developers SGrewind’s live audio DVR capabilities are processed at the server rather than client-side, enabling them to integrate multiple players and apps with the same rewindable stream while avoiding the need to use precious storage on listeners’ devices.

For listeners, SGrewind is controlled through the SGplayer app, giving them greater control of their live-streamed audio, letting them pause and resume streams without missing any content; rewind to hear something they missed; or start the stream at a specific earlier segment, similar to a television electronic program guide (EPG).

SGrewind integrates with the company’s SGreports logging and analytics service to provide data on rewound content within in-depth listener metrics. It can also use SGrecast’s blackout capabilities to prohibit rewinding during rights-restricted content.

StreamGuys Executive Vice President Jason Osburn explained, “Enabling listeners to rewind live streams means they can hear more of the station’s content that they might have otherwise missed, benefiting the broadcaster and its advertisers, while giving consumers the convenience of not having to wait until the end of the current program for an archived recording to be published.”

NAB Booth: N2524 (ENCO)