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NAB Sneak Peek: V-Soft Promotes Probe to Fifth Level

Signal propagation measurement software is now full 64-bit

V-Soft Probe 5V-Soft’s RF signal propagation measurement program Probe gets a whole number upgrade to Probe 5.

This latest version of Probe will now process at 64 bits. That should increase its calculating power to take advantage of computer RAM greater than 2 GB.

The company says that users can configure every aspect of Probe 5’s maps including down to the street level to provide high detail. It also says that features such as, highway colors, line-thickness, road markers, city names, lake and ocean colors, font names and sizes are fully selectable. It features USGS topographic maps.

The program now includes “industry standard” NSMA OHLOSS propagation algorithm. Incumbent propagation methods include: Other propagation methods are standard FCC, Longley-Rice, Okumura/Hata/Davidson and COST-231/Hata, point-to-point path profile analysis, line of sight/shadow, the FCC’s PTP and PTP2 methods and ILLR Satellite Home Viewers Act.

NAB Show Booth: N5921


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