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VISO Booth Vocal Shield Debuts from GIK Acoustics

Tool for the new work-from-home regimen

GIK Acoustics, VISO BoothWith podcasters, voice actors and others now working from home during the pandemic, GIK Acoustics has released its VISO Booth vocal shield (Vocal ISOlation Booth).

The VISO Booth aims to provide temporary vocal isolation for broadcasters, recordists, voice actors, podcasters and others who need portable or stowable acoustic treatment.

Vocal shields on the whole are intended to serve as a buffer between a recording microphone and potential nearby sound sources and artifacts from the surrounding room. Employing one helps the microphone capture a cleaner, more immediate vocal. While a full-fledged vocal booth provides an ideal environment for vocal recording, a vocal shield is a lower-cost option that can still provide audible improvements in situations where budgets, portability and production space are significant concerns.

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The VISO Booth uses the same ECOSE technology found in the company’s patented room treatments, reportedly helping to control the low-mid frequencies to reduce boominess or muddiness in recordings. The unit is available worldwide sporting an aesthetic pattern similar to the company’s Alpha 1D in blonde wood veneer, with GIK’s standard black fabric underneath.

Designed with portability in mind, the VISO Booth can be installed on a standard 5/8-inch straight microphone stand or simply placed on a desktop for use without a stand. Weighing 10 pounds, GIK Acoustic’s VISO Booth consists of two 16.5 inches x 11.5 inches x 1.5 inches panels joined to form a large, 162-inch triangular area, creating a shielded working space for performers to move within that the company claims is larger than most sizes attainable with other vocal shields.