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Waves Rolls Out a Cloud Audio Mixer

Pay as you go — the base package costs $750 per month

Waves Audio has introduced a cloud-based audio mixer for various broadcast and media production applications, and radio people may find it of interest both for its features and for its “mixing as a service” pricing model.

Called the Cloud MX Audio Mixer, it includes audio mixing, processing and Waves plugin integration.

The mixer is NDI-compatible, for patching and routing of NDI audio streams. “It is also easily deployed on AWS, making integration with your cloud production systems a breeze,” Waves states.

The company highlights benefits of being able to scale productions with any number of audio mixers, without costs of shipping or maintaining on-premise resources.

There are various versions; each comes with the cloud-licensed Waves eMo plugins (eMo D5 Dynamics, eMo F2 Filter, and eMo Q4 Equalizer), which form the mixer’s channel strip. 

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A promotional image from Waves Audio.

Available upgrades are the Cloud MX Audio Mixer Plus, with 11 more cloud-licensed plugins including Primary Source Expander for automatic mic bleed elimination, Renaissance Vox vocal compressor, F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ, MaxxBass and L2 UltraMaximizer; and the Cloud MX Audio Mixer Premium, which adds 150 plugins “covering every audio need.”

Control options include multiple touchscreen support and tactile mixing with the Waves FIT controller and/or Mackie/MIDI controllers.

The base package cost is $750 per month or $7,500 per year. The upgrade versions cost $1,000/$10,000 and $1,500/$15,000 respectively.

Noting that the mixer supports deployment on Amazon Web Services, Waves added: “At the core of … next-generation workflows are cloud-based production tools that enable remote integration (REMI) and distributed operations. Waves’ Cloud MX Audio Mixer can now be integrated into cloud production environments to process and distribute high-quality audio for media content distributed to a regional or global audience.”