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Program Helps Stations in Emergencies

Riverview offers Disaster Resource Navigator

When a real disaster strikes, what can a broadcaster do? How can information be gathered and communicated to listeners? How can it be stored where it is available to DJs and station personnel? A bunch of pieces of paper and sticky-notes with numbers and names scribbled on them scattered around the station?

Alabama-based Riverview Software Solutions thinks it has a solution: Disaster Resource Navigator.

Disaster Resource Navigator is a Windows-based program designed for broadcasters to use to gather, maintain and distribute important emergency information. The criteria of the database program are based on the real-world experience of a northern Alabama FM station during a wave of tornadoes in April of this year. The program’s developers queried station staffers and examined the information gathered by the station and what info was requested by listeners.

The program allows for information ranging from food, water and fuel sources available to emergency contacts, shelters, medical assistance and working ATMs. It even factors in baby supplies and help for pets/animals and other often unconsidered information. There is allowance for some customization for station specifics.

Price starts at $1,950.