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Quu Introduces “Content Partnership”

New sponsorship option can display a client message 4,000 times per month

Quu has introduced a new premium sponsorship offering called the Content Partnership.

The Quu platform allows radio stations to add visual content to their broadcasts, including ads. The new Content Partnership allows stations to offer advertisers a package that displays their ad message far more frequently and during a range of types of regular programming. 

With this sponsorship, Quu said, advertiser messages typically appear 4,000 times a month during station programming. 

During music and talk programming, station content will display on screen for 90 seconds; then the advertiser’s visual message appears without interrupting the audio. After 30 seconds the station display returns.

Quu highlights the benefits of reach and listener engagement. It says a typical campaign will display an ad 4,000 times a month, for 2,000 minutes of display time. The company offers this new sponsorship option with category exclusivity. Rates are set by the station. It says Audacy, Beasley Media Group and Radio FM Fargo have sold Content Partnership packages to advertisers during the pilot phase. Beasley is a Quu investor.

The company has posted a promo video explaining it.

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