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Radica Demos Firmware

Upgrades facilitate remote monitoring

Radica Broadcast Systems will demonstrate Davicom firmware V5.50 at IBC2013.

The update includes an iOS app, on-board SNMP V3 manager and agent, direct Web access to on-site peripherals, PPP-to-IP bridging for backup communications, DTMF macros and resizable workspace screens.

By incorporating the Davicom Telemetry System at transmitter sites or studios, says the company, the system improves efficiencies through remote monitoring and alerts.

The unit has two internal event logs and creates regular reports. DavNet central management keeps track of all transmitter sites. Monitoring can be simplified by user-defined terms.

The board runs Linux and features 128-bit encrypted IP communications and is dual-modem ready. It enables simultaneous connection up to four users and is also bilingual.

Timers enable users to program day/night pattern changes, set up multiple alarm-call lists, and virtual logic gates allow users to program conditional actions and complex logic functions. It includes a daylight saving time enabled TCXO-based clock.

Relays are individually software configurable, and 128 virtual relays enable additional relay command actions.

IBC stand: 8.B38g

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