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RadioDNS Brings IP to Radio

Domain Name System is used to organize broadcaster/station Web content

The NAB Show has for several years stressed the concept of media “convergence.” Playing on that theme, RadioDNS, an international open (nonproprietary) project, is showing its system, on which Radio World has reported.

RadioDNS is an IP-based broadcast supplement designed to provide additional content to IP-connected radios or smartphones (via wireless modes).

The key to RadioDNS is the use of the Internet’s DNS — Domain Name System — to organize broadcaster/station Web content. RadioDNS also uses RDS and HD Radio data to gather embedded Web addresses and direct radios and smartphones to the extra content and services.

Nick Piggott said the organization believes the openness of the system “makes it attractive to broadcasters and device manufacturers, and its simplicity means that it’s easy and cost-effective to implement. Providing a connection between broadcast radio and the Internet could unlock significant new value for radio, and reinvigorate the perceptions of radio’s digital options.”

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