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RadioDNS Launches Metadata Tool

XML file helps stations create hybrid radio

Hybrid radio promotional organization RadioDNS has launched a new XSI metadata tool at, according to its website.

The eXtended Service Information file contains information intended to make it easier to understand and get started with RadioDNS Hybrid Radio, which helps broadcasters to make the broadcast radio experience more similar to that of an app.

The XSI is an XML file, which sits on a specific URL on the station’s website. The XSI tool guides users through collecting information about the station, and then creates an XSI file that can be downloaded and saved on the station’s website. Once the file is in place and the station is registered in RadioDNS, then any RadioDNS-compliant device can automatically retrieve that information and use it.

The XSI tool enables broadcasters to create information on one or many stations, and can also be utilized to edit and validate existing XSI files.

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