RADIO-L Readies to Shut Down

As digital radio advances, need for LISTSERV declines.
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After a year of no new messages coming in, RADIO-L moderator Ted Ledingham has decided to shut down the venerable digital radio LISTSERV.

"We've had a great run. RADIO-L began in 1992 as two separate forums, which subsequently merged a couple of years later. It arose when there were no technical standards, lots of discussion, and many disagreements on policy and technology," Ledingham posted.

"But times have changed. Countries have decided on standards, implementation is underway (or stalled, depending on the country and your viewpoint) and the need for a discussion of issues seems to have reduced. So I sense that the need for a discussion forum such as RADIO-L has run its course."

The forum is slated to be shut down at the end of March.


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