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Radionomy Offers Streaming Packages

Free Internet streaming for broadcasters, the company says

Internet streaming audio service provider Radionomy has announced the availability of streaming packages for radio broadcasters of all sizes. The company offers these as free, splitting ad revenue.

Radionomy for Broadcasters Blue “provides unlimited free worldwide streaming and all other radio features. It is designed for ‘pure players’ such as Internet-only broadcasters and independent AM/FM stations.”

The second package is Radionomy for Broadcasters Purple. It is “custom-designed for larger networks that wish to retain their existing streaming provider while integrating Radionomy benefits such as ad insertion.”

Radionomy indicates that the packages are turnkey that offer many tools, interfaces with automation packages, listener data and analytics, integration with marketing and social media, “international measurement compliance” and more.

Radionomy U.S. Country Manager Thierry Ascarez said, “As consumers increasingly turn to streaming for their favorite music and talk radio shows, many traditional AM/FM broadcasters are trying to do it themselves using archaic streaming methods that will soon be obsolete … Others have simply put off its adoption and are losing important listeners.” He added, “Whether you’re a new broadcaster or an established network of stations, Radionomy enables you to take your programming online, keeping the spirit of AM/FM alive while connecting with an international audience.”