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Radioplayer Introduces Radioplayer Car

The voice-controlled hybrid radio adaptor switches between DAB, FM and streaming

Radioplayer Car is controlled by an app on one’s smartphone

Radioplayer, a not-for-profit collaboration between the BBC and commercial radio, has developed Radioplayer Car, a voice-controlled hybrid radio adaptor, which it says, offers an easy upgrade for car stereos. The “smart radio” system is able to switch between DAB, FM or streaming, to find the strongest signal.

Radioplayer explains that the small box, professionally fitted behind the dashboard, links to the “aux input” on an existing car radio. It connects wirelessly to the driver’s smartphone and is held in a supplied mount. A free app enables the driver to control the multiplatform radio, navigating between stations, which have been set as “favorites.”

According to Radioplayer, the voice control system wakes up when the user says “Radioplayer,” then the name of a favorite station automatically plays on DAB, FM or mobile. “Wave-to-wake,” can also be used, by moving one’s hand near the phone. Station names are announced over the speakers so drivers don’t need to look at the screen. In addition, if the signal varies while driving, Radioplayer Car automatically switches to a different platform so the driver receives the best signal.

“With Radioplayer Car you get the best of both worlds — a powerful multiplatform radio with hundreds of free-to-air channels, that’s safe and simple to operate,” said Michael Hill, managing director of Radioplayer. “It shows what’s possible when the radio industry works together, and we look forward to sharing what we’ve learned with manufacturers, so that all radios can improve.”

Development was carried out in collaboration with companies including Togglebit, All In Media and Travel For Media.