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RDL Delivers Dante Interface

SF-BNC2 provides bidirectional analog path to Dante

Good news for those in need of a way to integrate legacy analog equipment with their digital network. The RDL SF-BNC2 provides a bidirectional path for analog equipment onto and off of Dante-compatible networks.

Dual RCA connectors, left/right, or single 1/8-inch/3.5 mm stereo connectors provide input and output channels.

Conversion is 24-bit at 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz sample rates. Power is provided over Ethernet (PoE). It requires no software and should sync to a Dante network automatically. A sync indicator light is provided.

The SF-BNC2 should be useful for giving studio and handheld analog audio equipment a migration path onto digital networks or using as a ramp for making digital network audio available to analog equipment such as mixers and tape recorders (including digital recorders lacking Ethernet inputs but having RCA or 1/8-inch inputs).