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RDL Gets ECO-Friendly

Labels tell users, 'Rest assured, you're green'

Widget-maker RDL (Radio Design Labs) is promising to go even more green with its new “ECO” program.

ECO involves labeling its new and current products according to their energy consumption/saving characteristics.

There are three categories: ECO Control, ECO Standby and ECO Passive.

According to RDL, ECO Control-labeled products incorporate “sensing circuitry that activates one or more outputs intended to enable or disable the power consumption of other equipment.”

ECO Standby products incorporate “sensing circuitry that places the product in a standby (sleep) mode when the primary function of the product is not being used. Power consumption is reduced in the standby mode by disabling unused circuitry.”

ECO Passive-labeled items are “passive with no provision to connect an external power source,” thus they consume no power.

The majority of ECO products currently merit the ECO Passive badge; a pair of amplifiers warrant the ECO Standby label. The FP-ECC1 Energy Conservation Controller holds the ECO Control marque.