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RDS 2.0 Encoder Coming

2wcom and Jump2Go work together to create hardware

German audio equipment maker 2wcom and RDS specialist and promoter Jump2Go have teamed up to develop an encoder to encode signals with RDS 2.0 metadata standard.

The 2wcom-branded RDS2.0 Encoder will function in real time and will be backward-compatible with original RDS standard. The encoder will be operable via the web or the Jump2Go data management suite.

RDS 2.0 expands the original RDS functionality, adding such benefits as 32-character station identifiers in comparison to 8-character station identifiers. It also “improves TMC delivery to allow for much more detailed urban and regional traffic information and even graphical station logos,” according to a release.

The release also notes, “RDS2 will also play a significant role in the ongoing development of the “connected car,” with its ‘service following’ method of broadcasting a URL for the station’s online stream. Future radio stations will be able to stream as the FM signal becomes unavailable.”

The RDS2.0 Encoder is expected to be available in the fall.