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Readers Comment on Law Firm’s Interest in HD Radio

'We hope you don't stop with the auto industry'

The news that a law firm is inviting complaints from people about HD Radio generated responses from RW readers indicative of the strength of feeling about the digital format.

“Bravo Keefe Bartels,” one wrote. “Private broadcasters around the country applaud you. The time is right that the appropriate entities responsible for the digital radio failure are held accountable. We hope that you don’t stop with the auto industry but move forward with monopoly and interference issues as well.”

Another expressed the wish that the action would be “real painful” for iBiquity.

A third wondered if the law firm’s action could “backfire and give iBiquity what they ultimately want and that is a mandate for all radio broadcasters to go digital — God forbid.”

Below are story links; readers discuss below each story, where you can also post a comment.

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