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Rycote Adds to Line of Fright Wigs

Mini Windjammers provide protection to popular handheld recorders

Rycote, the windscreen manufacturer, is adding to its line of miniature fright wigs. The line, properly called Mini Windjammers, are sold as windscreens for digital handheld recorders (except during the Halloween season when they are sold as fright wigs for dolls such as Barbie and G.I. Joe).

The new shaving brush-like products now include customized fur-lined screens for the Edirol R-09HR, Marantz PMD620, TASCAM DR-1, Zoom H2 and H4. These join screens for Nagra AresM, Olympus LS-10 and Sony PCMD50 handheld recorders.

Rycote Sales & Marketing Manager Gabby Davis said: “Handheld compact digital recorders are now in such widespread use by broadcasters that we have been getting user requests for bespoke windshields tailored to fit each model for some time. However, the recorders are so different in size and shape that a generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ design isn’t suitable — we had to produce a range.”

That, and the demand for fright wigs.