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Sage Alerting Debuts CAP-Compliant Endec

‘Dr. Endec is in.’
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A CAP-compliant Sage Alerting Systems Digital Endec EAS processor will be demonstrated in Austin.

Upgrades include text-to-speech functionality, Internet operation and flash memory. The new model is compatible with previous Endecs. The menu structure should be familiar to previous Endec users.

Sage cofounder Jerry LeBow said: “After 12 years of EAS, we are pleased that the FCC and FEMA will be upgrading the system. As a leader in EAS we took our experience and built all of it into the Digital Endec, which will meet or exceed all CAP and EAS requirements.”

Booth: 430.


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Sage Advice: Put on Your Caps

Mark Ward of WTSN(AM) in Dover, N.H., writes on the subject of Sage Endecs. In a previous column we published a tip that Sage Endec memory batteries were coming up on 10 years of age and should be replaced. Installation of fresh batteries would eliminate the need of reprogramming the unit should the batteries and AC power fail.