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Sage Issues Service Bulletin Regarding National Test

Document is intended to help stations using Digital Endec model 3644

Sage Alerting Systems has some tips for owners of the Sage Digital Endec model 3644, to help in the upcoming national EAS test.

“If you are using the Sage Digital ENDEC model 3644, and the record and playback levels are not set properly, the audio portion of the alert could be distorted and unintelligible,” President Harold Price wrote.

“Because the EAN test will be sent in an automatic mode that transmits the alert while it is still being received, and your regular monthly tests are not, you could have a distortion problem on the EAN even though your monthly tests sound fine.”

He urged users to review a new audio levels service bulletin (PDF).

Sage also prepared a general overview of the EAN test and description of how to check that an Endec is configured properly (PDF).