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SAS Shows SL Console, RIOLink Upgrades

SAS Shows SL Console, RIOLink Upgrades

In Philly next week, Sierra Automated Systems will feature its Rubicon SL console control surface, which it says is designed for smaller-market stations or less demanding studio applications. The SL offers integration with the SAS 32KD and the SAS Connected Digital Network, and standalone operation with the upgraded RIOLink remote I/O and local audio mixer/router.
RIOLink’s added features include Break Away and Rejoin. The company says in a typical plant, RIOLinks are connected as a remote I/O to the main SAS 32KD system. Break Away allows the CAT-5 or fiber link between RIO and 32KD to be severed, and the RIO continues to run in standalone mode.
Rejoin is enacted when the RIO is reconnected to the 32KD. The company says the system goes through a calculation to keep the audio playing unintended consequences.
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