Satellite Radio Begins A La Carte Programming; Compatible 'Starmate 5' Receiver Introduced

First of the "A La Carte" offerings, radio ready.
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First of the "A La Carte" offerings, radio ready.

Sirius XM is promoting some of each other's programming on their respective Web sites, as the first so-called "A La Carte" offerings are ready. Also, the first radio compatible with the new "mixed" programming has been introduced.

The Sirius Starmate 5 lists for just under $130 and is available from Best Buy, Crutchfield, RadioShack and regional retailers.

The "Best of Both" packages cost $16.99 a month, a little over $4 over the price of current subscriber packages, Sirius XM said.


Opinion: Compatibility Begins at Home

Surround-sound broadcasting has been a hot topic for both terrestrial and satellite radio. As with any enhancement to an existing broadcast format, backward compatibility is a must. The systems proposed or in use for surround radio adhere to this requirement, delivering surround audio to properly equipped new receivers, without compromising existing mono or stereo reception on existing devices.