Septuplets for Nautel

Transmitter manufacturer shows off its expanding NV family
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Nautel fans will have their first chance to put hands on the seven new transmitters in the NV FM line.

The NV3.5 offers 4.13 kW analog, 3 kW FM+HD and 1.13 kW digital output power; it has an integral digital exciter with adaptive pre-correction, a plug-in upgrade to the HD Radio Exgine and frequency-agile operation in a compact solid-state design. The AUI, or Advanced User Interface, gives a user local and remote control over the transmitter and multiple exciters.

Its sibling the NV7.5 provides 8.25 kW analog, 6 kW hybrid and 2.2 kW digital operation. The NV10 is 11 kW analog, 8 kW hybrid and 3 kW digital output power. The NV20 offers 22 kW analog, 16 kW FM+HD, and 6 kW digital operation. The NV30 provides 33 kW analog, 24 kW hybrid and 9 kW digital operation.

The 44 kW NV40, introduced earlier, tops the line.

The company is offering a five-year warranty on all NV and NX Series transmitters purchased during 2009.

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