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SeV Adds Ski Line to Its Family of ‘Tech-Enabled Clothing’

A 'holiday gift guide for tech lovers.'

We’ve told you before about those cool clothes with all the pockets to carry your gear; they’re made by ScottEvest.

Now it’s out with a Holiday Gift Guide.

The company has expanded beyond vests into windbreakers, hooded sweatshirts, pants, T-shirts, polo shirts and — for those remotes sponsored by the ski lodge — a line of sports and ski-wear called the Scott Jordan Signature System.

Clear touch fabric pockets are now available on some items, allowing the user to see and operate touch-screen devices like iPhones through the cloth.

The company, founded in 2000, describes its line as “technology-enabled clothing.” Among notable angles are clothes with up to 52 pockets (!) and a “Personal Area Network” that lets you wear clothing and carry your gizmos without visible wires; your devices connect through a hidden conduit system.

Targeted users include travelers, photographers and winter athletes; radio engineers and field reporters are among those who might find these useful.