Shure Ships New Headsets

Single- and double-sided models now available
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Microphone and headphone maker Shure is shipping products from its new headset group.

The BRH31M is a lightweight single-sided broadcast headset for broadcast and media production applications. The company describes it as “ultra-lightweight and durable.”

It features a single supraaural earcup design that enables the user to hear external audio cues. A dynamic cardioid microphone offers natural, clear vocal reproduction, according to the company, and pivots 270 degrees for left or right wear. The adjustable headband includes a cushioned temple pad for a comfortable fit. An unterminated, fixed cable allows for connection to a variety of devices.

The BRH440M is a dual-sided headset with circumaural ear cups that block out background noise. A dynamic cardioid microphone delivers natural, clear vocal reproduction, says the company.

Wearable on the left or right side, the flexible boom offers a flip-up mute function that deactivates the microphone when raised vertically. A detachable cable with unterminated ends connects to a variety of devices and is easily replaceable, which extends the product’s life.

The BRH441M (shown) is a single-sided version with the same features as the BRH440M.


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Shure KSM27 a Worthy Contender

A few years back, Shure introduced the KSM line of studio microphones intended for studio recording in the music industry. Its latest entry, the KSM27, is designed for both studio and "live," or in the field, applications. As such, it can also face radio's rough-and-tumble.