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Shure Ships Shotgun

VP89 has interchangeable barrels

Mic maker Shure has brought out a new microphone with interchangeable barrels, the VP89 end-address shotgun condenser microphone.

The VP89 has interchangeable long (VP89/L), medium (VP89/M) and short (VP89/S) tubes for flexibility. Included features are a low-cut switch, carrying aces and foam windscreen. According to Shure specs are 60 Hz–20 kHz for the VP89/L, 100 Hz–20 kHz for the VP89/M and 140 Hz–20 kHz for the VP89/S. The pattern is described as hypercardioid/lobar.

Shure Category Manager for Wired Products at Shure Chad Wiggins said, “We knew industry pros wanted different size options for shotgun microphones.” He touted the audio quality with low coloration of off-axis sound for natural ambient audio.

According to a release: “The VP89/L is ideal for use during sporting events or field recording, as it targets sources of high volume over long distances. The VP89/M, offering a wider target aperture for higher ambience, is well suited for audience response, talk shows, and live concerts. The VP89/S is perfect for camera mounting and features a wide pickup angle for the highest ambience.”