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Sine Control Technology Unveils Series 10

Latest PowerClamp rated at 200,000 surge-amps

There is a new, more powerful PowerClamp transient voltage surge suppressor from Sine Control Technology, the Series 10.

The latest series provides protection against power line surges and spikes. Rated at 200,000 surge-amps, the company says that the unit will absorb the extreme transients that would cause serious damage to transmitting and studio equipment.

The company also says that the PowerClamp TVSS units are maintenance-free and do not degrade even after thousands of “hits.”

The Series 10 has a 1–2 nanosecond response time and meets ANSI/IEEE C62-411980 and UL-1449 specs. It has a parallel wire-in design and is a passive, voltage reactive system.

NAB Show Booth: C1831

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