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Sirius Enhances Online Options

MySXM to offer tweaking of musical choices

Sirius/XM is bringing some “secret sauce” to its online listening offerings.

Called MySXM, it offers algorithms controlled by “sliders” to customize prospective choices by users of the SiriusXM online and mobile outlets. The MySXM website says that “over 100 variations” are available for control.

An illustration featuring a Tom Petty tune on the Deep Tracks channel offers controls for earlier or later songs, more famous or less famous artists and American or international artists. Another illustration for the Alt Nation channel provides controls for familiar or newer songs, guitar-heavy or more electronic/keyboard-oriented selections and newer versus older artists.

Reports indicate that the new feature is limited to select SiriusXM channels

The MySXM feature is included with Sirius/XM online/mobile subscriptions. Subscriptions are available for Android and Apple mobile devices and PC online streaming.