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Site Sentinel 16 Watches Washington Site

User Report: Multicultural Radio Broadcasting finds that broadcast tools box delivers as advertised

BLAINE, Wash. — In a climate of small budgets, we all deal with the question, “Will it work as advertised?”

The Broadcast Tools Site Sentinel 16 does the job and doesn’t break the bank doing what was promised. One could spend a lot more money and get less in the long run. Okay, I like the unit; but you’re asking why you would want one.

The first thing that comes to mind is the internal setup. Like many of my colleagues in the engineering field I have a heavy dusting of gray on the rooftop, and was not raised on a computer. For the Site Sentinel 16 just follow the simple setup procedure in the supplied instructions with the unit and any need to call the company IT wizard is gone.

The next consideration is the system of wiring connections for the Site Sentinel 16. There’s no need to attach some form of connector to the end of the control or metering wires, since the conductors are cinched down inside of the plug-in Euroblock screw terminals.

My final comments are about the performance of the Site Sentinel 16. For the past year our unit has operated flawlessly under the demands of four transmitters that are diplexed on seven towers that require constant monitoring day and night. It’s nice to know if a problem does come up, the email notice from the site is a moment away from your cellphone or computer.

We have a small plant in Blaine, Wash. Our site is probably just like yours.

Yes, you can turn the transmitters on and off, monitor your transmitter power, change patterns, and keep tabs on the phase and ratio of each tower. What will impress you, the guy in charge of all this equipment, is the simple fact that it works. As for management they will like the combination of price and performance.

M.H. Gilbert is regional chief engineer for Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, KARI(AM) and KVRI(AM).

For information, contact Don Winget at Broadcast Tools in Washington at (360) 854-9559 or visit