SM Pro Audio Offers Wi-Fi in a Mixer

Ethernet connection included in uMiX family of multipurpose mixers
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Here’s something you don’t see every day — a mixer with a Wi-Fi connection. Not quite as odd, but still relatively unusual is a mixer with an Ethernet connection.

Those are two features from SM Pro Audio’s new line of multipurpose mixers, the uMiX line. The line is available in models from eight channels up to 24 channels. Useful features include onboard dynamics, a parametric EQ and digital effects, along with a USB port for recording and playback.

They are more of a rack/installation design, aiding in portability. Included software provides for PC or tablet/smartphone operation — see those Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections are worth something. The 24-channel model can be linked to another to create a 48-channel venue king. There’s an HDMI output as well.

An optional multitrack recorder card is available.

Prices: uMiX Mini — $249; uMiX 12 — $499; uMiX 16 — $699; uMiX 24 — $999.


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