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Small Tree Has Apple Storage

GraniteSTOR abcSAN is from provider of Mac-based network storage appliances

Small Tree, a Macintosh-based network storage appliance provider that caters to the A/V market, is introducing its GraniteSTOR abcSAN at the NAB Show.

The GraniteSTOR abcSAN is a storage area network box designed for ease of use and sharing. A simplified GUI aims to make normally cryptic details such as RAID configuration and sharing privileges easier.

The hardware is iSCSI with a throughput of more than 600 MBps. Storage capacity can be up to 1 TB across 16 drives. The abcSAN can be configured as an NAS as well.

Small Tree President Corky Seeber said: “As project budgets continue to shrink during difficult economic times, post-production teams will need to maximize productivity while minimizing technology costs. GraniteSTOR abcSAN is a cost-effective alternative for Final Cut, Pro Tools and Photoshop users that will significantly improve workflow and enable customers to meet tight deadlines without breaking the budget.”

Small Tree is also showing its GraniteSTOR Easy AoE Ethernet network storage system.

AoE uses the ATA over Ethernet protocol. It is capable of using two 10 Gbps or six 1 Gbps connections that address up to 24 hot-swappable SATA drives, configured in JBOD or RAID (0, 1, 5 or 10). Systems start at four drives.

Booth: SL10210