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Soft Encoder from Omnia Debuts

F/XE designed for podcasts, files to be streamed

Perhaps it will be called the “fix.” Omnia Audio’s new F/XE Windows-based software processor is designed for use with audio files (WAV, MP2, MP3) meant for podcasts or streaming.

The processing arm of the F/XE is based on Omnia algorithms while some of the encoding options, MP3, AAC, HE-AAC and HE-AAC v2, are from Fraunhofer.

Additional tools include FolderBot, a job synchronizer that offers customized and automatable batch processing options, and FileProcessor, the user interface that presents customizable processing parameters for each file.

Automation allows for files to be collected, processed and then sent to an FTP for distribution, without interference from the user.

Price: $449 for a single license, discount for multiple licenses.