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SONAR Fixes the Bugs (and More)

Cakewalk has version 7.0.1 of its DAW program

With many major software releases, the “point-oh” has a hitch or two that may only be discovered after hundreds of users put it through its paces in the real world.

So it goes for Cakewalk’s SONAR Home Studio DAW and music creation program.

Comes now release 7.0.1 to shoo away a number of bugs and hiccups left by the major 7.0 release.

Overall a number of small nudges and tweaks should smooth out twitchy problems such as incorrect frame readings, CPU spikes on track name editing and insert hangups, the company said.

The audio engine should operate more smoothly as well, especially in the area of driver problems. Instrument track operation glitches are now tempered, notably the crashing upon accessing Track Properties/Instruments from an instrument track.

As always with upgrades, the GUI gets more makeover. Drag/drop and copy/paste functions should work now while some other controls should also be active. And ideally imported clips will go to their proper positions. These and more are included in the upgrade.