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Sonifex Ships Massive Multichannel Distributor

RB-DA24MD can distribute up to 24 channels

So the PD wants his own station(s) feed and so does the station manager, sales manager and promotions manager. Reception should have one along with the bullpen and while you’re at it why not feed each edit area, the intern’s desk, accounting, the gal in HR and the bathrooms too.

That’s a lot of feeds and a lot of distribution amps if you have a large facility. Or you could give Sonifex’s latest Redbox, the RB-DA24MD a look.

The RB-DA24MD has two XLR inputs and up to 24 outputs on a pair of D-subs. A release explains that it has “two inputs which can be individually routed to 12 outputs or mixed and routed to all 24 outputs. The inputs can be configured as either dual-mono, Input 1 routed to outputs 1–12 and Input 2 routed to outputs 13–24, or mixed-mono, Inputs 1 and 2 mixed at a preset level and routed to all 24 outputs.”

Sonifex developed the unit for emergency audio distribution but a crafty engineer could easily make it into a tool usable for other duties.