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Sonifex Updates Reference Monitor Speakers

New models have more natural sound, limiting per speaker

Sonifex has updated the speaker system for its Reference Monitor range of three 1 RU rackmount audio monitors.

“Getting an even balanced sound from a 1U rack based product isn’t easy, and we’ve looked at different methods of improving the sound since the products’ launch: different porting methods, different chassis materials, different damping methods, different crossover points, different EQing and also different speakers,” Sonifex Managing Director Marcus Brooke said. He explained that the updated version has larger speakers that achieve a flatter, more natural sound with greater quality.

Sonifex has also altered the speaker system to have limiting per speaker instead of across the mix, and combined with its higher power output, the new speaker system is almost twice as loud as the old.

The Reference Monitors also have a five-band parametric EQ that is configurable via USB, enabling users to tailor the monitor output according to the environment. The loudspeaker system is fed via a DSP-based active crossover and three Class D amplifiers.