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Sonnox Bundles Are on Sale

Plug-in bundles on sale to end of February
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Though they would never admit it, it looks like U.K.-based plug-in maker Sonnox is celebrating America’s Presidents’ Day with a sale.

At any rate the company, formerly Sony Oxford, is peddling bundles of its processing and restoration plug-ins at 30% reduced rates during the month of February.

Of particular interest would be the Sonnox Broadcast package. It includes their EQ, Dynamics and Limiter plug-ins along with the Inflator, something of a loudness maximizer, and the SuprEsser, an advanced de-esser. Sonnox Broadcast is available in native ($684.78) and Pro Tools HD ($1,342.25) formats.

Sonnox’s respected restoration plug-ins, DeClicker, DeBuzzer and DeNoiser also are on sale in other packages.


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