Stitcher Upgrades Apps

Android app redesigned, search feature for iDevices
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Internet music and audio service Stitcher has redesigned its Android app and added a “topic search” function to Apple iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

The Android upgrade takes advantage of recent changes made to the Android platform by Google. According to Stitcher, the app should be more “intuitive” to navigate based on user feedback, have better content discovery capabilities, the ability to browse while listening to music and see an overall improvement in performance and stability.

On the iDevice front, the new “topic search” feature is among several upgraded features. It enables users to use phrases and words to search for instances in over 15,000 shows that have been transcribed.

Additional improvements for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are tweaks to performance under poor streaming conditions, a “Heard/Unheard” indicator for program episode management lists and full album art for connected listeners in BMW and Mini autos.