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Stratus Is for Musician on a Budget

Rain Computer is intended for economical audio applications

The latest computer from DAW hardware specialist Rain Computers is an “audio computer … for the musician on a budget.” That means it should work for the radio station on a budget.

Called Stratus, the new tower-style computer uses AMD Phenom II multicore CPUs for maximum value. Rain says that they have a tweaked version of Windows 7 for a rock-solid, audio-optimized DAW. A specialized cooling system called Quiet Cool is supposed to keep operational sound to a minimum.

The motherboard allows room for expansion and upgrades, including additional hard drives, memory or high-performance audio cards. Rain says that its units have been tested to be compatible with popular DAW software and hardware.

Rain Computers CEO Kevin Jacoby said: “What we’ve done with Stratus is design an affordable music computer that doesn’t require you to give up the creative freedom that a true audio workstation provides.” Price starts at $799.