Streamezzo Pushes Digital Radio to Mobile Devices

New Rich Media Client now supports Eurkea-147-based T-DMB standard.
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The Streamezzo Rich Media Client now supports T-DMB and natively integrates the BInary Format for Scenes (BIFS) standard in compliance with the ISO MPEG-4 specification.

BIFS enables the display of additional multimedia data in accordance with the broadcast audio and video streams and is available in all countries implementing T-DMB as their digital TV or digital radio infrastructure, such as France, South Korea, Ghana, the Netherlands, Norway and Vietnam.

Streamezzo-enabled T-DMB devices allow consumers to access information such as artist or song details, latest news or weather headlines while listening to their favorite radio channel. It also brings interactivity to a channel, allowing listeners to purchase goods, services or music, vote on games and programs, open emails or send SMS messages.

The first commercial T-DMB device integrating Streamezzo's technology is the E-TEN Glofiish V900 mobile phone. The V900 supports T-DMB, DVB-T and DVB-H, which it integrates with 3G-based telephone services.


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Digital Radio Worldwide Advances

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