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StreamOn Launches Digital Archive Program

Cloud-based archiver, podcast maker offers flexible ad placement as well

Streaming specialist StreamOn announced ListenLater, a cloud-based digital archive/content management program.

According to the company, ListenLater will automate podcast creation. It is supposed to be able to sift through content that can be used for a podcast and remove content that is copyrighted and unavailable for podcasting. Simple editing tools allow for customization. It publishes on a station’s website or via iTunes.

ListenLater also operates as a DVR by archiving all of a station’s output and then making much of it available as on-demand programming.

Stations can flag clips for distribution as social media. According to a release, the program provides flexible advertisement placement options and swapping for replayed programming.

For a station’s front end, a “ListenLater” button can be placed on a station’s website for listeners or browsers to access the archive.

StreamOn President Roger Charest said broadcasters can use it to repackage and redistribute live content, and grow their revenue streams through digital advertising. “For listeners, we’re giving them the ability to replay live radio broadcasts and capture and share memorable radio content and experiences with others via social media.”