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Studer Adds to OnAir Line

On-air/production board is aimed at small operations and expansion jobs

Studer is delving into new price territory with a small digital console that retails for around $10,000, its first offering in that price category.

The OnAir 1500 comes in two modules, a master module and a linkable expansion module. Both offer six faders and 12 channels. Units can be combined to create a 12-fader system. A rackmounted box called the Nano Score provides input/output and processing duties. Connectivity to the control surfaces comes via a Cat-5 cable.

On the control surfaces, OLED screens provide information. Connections for an LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse allow for further control. The control surface features LED meters (with switchable ballistics), a built-in speaker and talkback functions. An additional feature is a headphone split for monitoring multiple sources at one time.

The processing platform includes a four-band EQ, compressor, limiter, expander, gate and de-esser.

Option slots on the Nano Score allow for additional inputs such as AES/EBU, ADAT, analog or 64-channel MADI.

The company says the board is intended “for studios needing an additional professional-grade fader unit and additional I/O or a compact and cost-effective mixing console for a production room or on-air studio.”