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Studer Adds Upgrades Across the Brand

Livewire interface, remote controls, loudness metering part of additions

Console maker Studer announced a series of additions and upgrades to its console lines.

Axia’s Livewire audio-over-Internet protocol is now available for Studer Vista and OnAir consoles via the new Livewire-compatible D21m interface card. Harman Vice President and General Manager of Mixers, Microphones and Headphones Andy Trott said, “We decided to adopt the Livewire standard from Axia following consultation with many customers.” He said the alliance will be the first of several forthcoming technology partnership announcements in the next 18 months.

Studer’s Vista line has also received a portable remote controller, the Studer Compact Remote Bay. Deployed on a laptop-style device, the Compact Remote Bay is an actual control surface with 12 motorized Penny & Giles faders, 40 rotary controls and a 19-inch touchscreen. The GUI emulates Studer’s Vistonics GUI.

Studer is also demonstrating a metering option for Vista 9 consoles, RTW TM7 metering. The TM7 provides many metering specs, including EBU R 128 and ITU BS1770.Finally, Vista and OnAir consoles are being made compatible with the Ember control protocol. Ember integration brings TCP/IP remote control as one of its chief features.