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Studer Breaks Up OnAir 2500

Introduces a modular version of the OnAir 2500 Broadcast console for installation in custom studio furniture

Studer has decided that its OnAir 2500 broadcast console might have some appeal broken into pieces.

The new OnAir 2500 Modulo offers separate fader buckets and master sections. Though linked to the same system the separate modules can be placed into customized furniture to create unusual or specialized studio console configurations.

The Modulos modules have all of the functionality and features of the standard OnAir faders and master sections. The fader channels retain OLEDs and the Vistonics operating system is still in charge. The larger LCD screens, usually mounted on the static bridge can be moved around or mounted to walls or booms. The Modulo modules are linked to the rackmounted processor/router and rackmounted power supply.