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Studio One DAW Users Have Online Options

PreSonus Exchange is launched

Users of the Studio One DAW from PreSonus have some new options available to them with the launch of PreSonus Exchange.

Users of the Web-connected workstation can swap presets, effects chains, MIDI files and soundsets without leaving the program as a result.

PreSonus Exchange is part of Studio One 2 and is free for registered users with licensed accounts. It works with Studio One Artist 2, Producer 2 and Professional 2.

“Users can access online files from directly within the searchable Studio One 2 file browser, including audio preview,” the company said. “Just drag-and-drop from the browser, and Exchange automatically downloads the resources and loads them into your song.” The company states that “no other DAW can do this.”

Exchange users also can rate and comment on shared resources. The company said it set up an approval process to protect users from problematic downloads.

The company also issued a free extension to Studio One that can be downloaded via Exchange, called Soundset Builder, with which folders in the file browser can be made into a Studio One soundest including a name, description, icon and URL. “This is an excellent way to create and share packages of content, including audio loops, MIDI loops, presets and more.”