STXe Is New From BE

Company also has new software
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Broadcast Electronics says that its new STXe exciters have a small footprint and are operational in FM, FM + HD Radio, HD Radio only, DRM+ only or HD Radio + DRM+ modes. They range in power from 100 mW to 250 W. The STXe exciter is now standard in BE’s S and T Series FM transmitters.

Another product in the BE NAB Show booth will be the newly released AVUnity platform. According to BE it allows for virtually all versions of BE’s Vault2 (V9.2) and AudioVault VFleX (V10+) automation systems to share inventory and production resources, whether they are at separate stations or separate geographic markets. The company says that with AVUnity, station groups can make the most out of programming and production resources regardless of where they are located.

Known historically for transmitters and AudioVault automation, BE has expanded into social media as well. Branded for the broadcaster, the Commotion mobile app (shown) provides real-time social engagement between the station and listeners, says BE. The Activity Stream brings together social endpoints to make the app the social hub of the radio station. It has built-in crowdsourcing options giving listeners the power to affect the playlist of the station in real-time and a robust ad platform.

NAB Show Booth: C2217


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