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Surf’s Up for Moseley’s Malibu X5

Multichannel STL link handles wireless, IP or T1/E1 links

Moseley Broadcast will soon deliver the Malibu X5, a four-channel stereo STL link that can handle wireless, IP or TDM links.

In select situations it can utilize eight digital audio channels. It offers simplex, duplex, unicast and multicast modes.

Moseley says, “The Malibu X5 supports up to four stereo audio channels, each of which can be transported with up to 24-bit linear quality or with user-selectable source coding at user-defined sample rates. Audio distribution, switching, and failover are supported at both AES/EBU and analog audio levels. AES-192 MPX Composite is also supported without compression. Traditional analog composite can also be transmitted digitally, delivering over 90 dB signal-to-noise ratio.”

All major transport codecs are supported along with Gigabit Ethernet, AES/EBU digital and AES192 MPX, T1/E1. Also included are XPIC modems for additional transmission capacity. “Lite” versions will also be available for those with lesser needs.

Management controls include forward error correction on each stream, packet size and adjustable jitter buffers.

The Malibu X5 also has programmable alarms and silence detection. Redundant power supplies are built-in for fail-safe operation. A large touchscreen interface operates the Malibu X5 locally while it is also fully operational via IP for PC and smartphone remote control.